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To enhance the success of Beaufort County Schools and to meet the demands of our County’s high growth areas, the District School Board and Interim Superintendent Herb Berg commissioned a “Select Citizens Project Committee”  comprised of 50 parents, grandparents, former educators, and business leaders from across the County

From January to April 2019 this Select Committee worked diligently in 10 separate meetings to accumulate and assess information on the District’s facilities needs in preparation for making recommendations about a possible new 2019 referendum – following two failed referendums in the past four years.

Fully aware that construction costs are continuing to rise and growth is continuing to mushroom, the Committee visited schools in physical crisis across the county, worked with district staff to analyze financial data, study growth patterns and review construction, capital improvements – giving special attention to critical security and technology needs. They also took time to visit other school districts to assess how they were handling challenges similar to those our County schools are facing.

Following their campus tours and extensive research the Committee presented its recommendations and priorities to Dr. Berg, who in turn presented them to the recently elected new School Board in June.

Prior to making its recommendations and priorities the Select Committee had reviewed:

  • The school district’s Ten-Year Plan and Capital Budget.
  • Student enrollment projections.
  • Facilities assessments for equity, including athletics facilities.
  • Building safety security challenges.
  • Facilities initiatives in other South Carolina school districts.

Minutes of all Project Committee Review Meetings, as well as any presentations viewed by committee members, are archived on the School District’s website: