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In June the Beaufort County School District Board of Education voted 9-2  in favor of presenting to the County’s registered voters a new Bond Referendum to include the date and terms.

The referendum will be on the November 5 ballot in two parts. Voters must pass Part One (a $291 million package) in order for Part Two (a $54 million package) to pass. This means that Part One can pass and Part Two can fail, but Pat Two cannot pass if Part One doesn’t pass.

Part One of the referendum includes the following, with cost estimates:

  1. Safety and security improvements to every school in the district: $25.7 million
  2. Tearing down the outdated and rundown Robert Smalls International Academy, and constructing and equipping a replacement school: $71 million
  3. Adding classrooms and other needed facilities at the over-capacity May River High School and River Ridge Academy: $26 million
  4. Updating technology infrastructure at every school across the district:$55.3 million
  5. Renovations at Beaufort Elementary School: $24.2 million
  6. Renovations, construction and necessary demolition at Battery Creek High School and Hilton Head Island Middle School: $88.3 million

Part Two is a $54 million package, which includes the following (with cost estimates):

  1. Construction and renovation for Career and Technology Education, or “CATE”, at Battery Creek High School and May River High School: $12 million
  2. CATE renovations at Beaufort High School and Hilton Head Island High School: $5.1 million
  3. Athletic improvements at Beaufort Middle School, Whale Branch Middle School, River Ridge Academy, Bluffton Middle School and H.E. McCracken Middle School: $7.6 million
  4. Athletic improvements at all district high schools:$22 million

5. Playground improvements at early childhood centers, elementary schools, and preK-8 schools across the district: $8.7 million